The International Trade Council in Action

The International Trade Council is committed to supporting cutting-edge research, local and international leading networking opportunities which are designed to facilitate development of trade-related sectors in a sustainable manner. As part of our mission we regularly disseminate news, research and educational materials on a variety of topics, conduct market surveys and engage with policy-makers and other non-profit organisations.

As an independent and pro-active organisation, we seek to monitor and provide advice to industry based on the specific needs of the public. We use the information we have gathered to build bridges with policy-makers to develop best practices and skills development across a broad range of industry. We look after the interests of our members and seek to influence business practices and skills development across a variety of industries.

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The International Trade Council provides a range of services to members of the Council including lobbying, networking, conferences and events and subsidised access to a range of professional services.

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Did You Know?

Council members employ more than
38 million individuals across 67 countries

Other ITC members include:
- 318 Chambers of Commerce
- 126 Educational Institutes
- 207 Charitable Organisations
- Legislators from 18 countries

Council news reaches 2.1 million CEO's worldwide.